VIP Club

The VIP Club Is An Exclusive Membership Available Through Invite Only

What you can expect from a VIP Club Membership?

  • 10% Permanent discount on ALL orders
  • A FREE necklace shipped to you at no cost
  • Invite to a VIP Telegram group to connect with other alternative people just like you
  • VIP Telegram channel where additional discounts are posted

Basically you get a free necklace, you shop at a cheaper price and you get to connect with the owners of this store personally, as well as with other customers who share your interests of alternative music such as heavy metal and goth. Not to mention their interest of alternative clothing and lifestyles.

We might also on occation arrange meetings at bigger festivals such as Wacken Open Air and our members might also arrange local meetings at festivals and events.

So How Do I Join The VIP Club?

Your best bet is to sign up for our newsletter which you can do at the very buttom of this page or subscribe to notifications on both this store but you can also visit and sign up there.

Actually there will be a better chance to get an invite if you sign up using the link we just mentioned as that means you sign up directly to the owners of this store. It is his personal newsletter so subscribe to both the email newsletter and notifications as invites might occur where we se fit.

We Only Allow 666 Members In The VIP Club At Once!

When the VIP Club is full we do not make another invite until someone unsubscribes and then we usually invite a few people on a first come first served basis.


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